Tdot pest Control was very pleasant to deal with, called them got the answers i was looking for,  provided me with same day service and got the job done with in 2 hours of arrival to my home. i had the best sleep in days, thanks to Tdot pest control for getting rid of my raccoon problem. – Justin Xie.

I had enough with the mice infestation in my home, I’ve used 3 other companies before calling Tdot pest control, Finally after over 8 months of this headache Tdot pest control Solved my problem in one visit, They found the entry point of the mice into my home and sealed it up. I will definitely call Tdot pest control for my next pest or animal problem. – Lisa Jury.

I keep hearing noises for the 2 week, tried looking around my house to see what it is and i couldn’t find anything. Finally i decided to call Tdot pest control, they came to my home and found squirrels in my attic. The installed a one way door, and sealed up all the potential spots. Thank you Tdot pest control – Roman Parker.

After waiting for 4 hours for a pest control company to come do a spray service for my cockroach infestation, they called and canceled on me. I moved everything out of my house and sent my tenants to a hotel for 2 days i had to call someone else, finally at 3pm i called Tdot pest control, they booked me in for 5pm and i got a call at 4:30pm with a arrival time from the technician. They arrived on time at 5pm and spray treated all the infected areas, also recommended me how to prevent from cockroach getting back into my home. Im very happy with Tdot pest control and will call them in the future if any of their service is needed. – Christina Vaughan