Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the biggest problematic pests in North America, having the ability to adapt to various environments very quickly. They are common in commercial buildings, restaurants, apartments, and homes, usually found in the kitchens and bathrooms. There are many ways for cockroaches to enter your home or business, by coming through cracks, vents, sewer and drain pipes. They also transport with people, by boxes, grocers, and even attached to clothes of the humans themselves. These types of insects reproduce extremely fast, and are excellent at hiding away and not being found. Because these bugs are nocturnal, they are more active during the night; you may see them scurrying away if you were to turn the light on in the middle of the night. They tend to inhabit dark, hidden areas that are high in moisture and humidity. Another sign of having a cockroach infestation is finding their droppings around your house or business. Having cockroaches as a pest is a severe risk because they transmit and are carriers of a range number of diseases and their droppings are the cause of asthma and eczema for many people.

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